Cloned talisman of the desert

3d kleinan shape in a desertic context with sphere

A curious “remake” of my previous post Forgotten talisman of the desert wich was done with Mandelbulb 3D-
Done in Mandelbulber with JosLeys-Kleinian V2 formula. Mandelbulb 3D and Mandelbulber are two different 3d fractal programs and aren’t compatible due to its different building nature.
Experimental work, in wich I took the values from the formula in MB3D and adapted it to Mandelbulber, due to they have similar input fields, and after some adaptations it worked well. So I tried to adapt as close as possible the original image to see how it would look like. They are some render differences, first standard raytracer and MC OpenCL in Bulber, but quite happy with the outcome.

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