What is BatJorgeCoin?

BJC is a Proof-of-Stakes Blockchain Model

The BJC Blockchain is very eco-friendly and does NOT need “miners” to evolve.

Tokens were mined with Proof-of-Work in the first 10000 blocks with low energy usage over 2 weeks.

BJC Stake Holders and Founders will keep the BJC Blockchain running without wasting energy.

Active Stake Holder Interest: ~1.618 % per Year

How many BJC Tokens exist?

Total BJC: ‘1011010010.1101000’

10000 x Proof-of-Work Blocks @ 101101.00101101 BJC

Where are these Coins?

Stake Wallets: 3 x 100K (3 x 10000 x 10 BJC)
– to boot the blockchain after PoW-Phase.

Vault Wallets: 10 x 100M BJC
– kept offline to secure and evolve BJC in the future.

Distributor Wallets: ~10M

Distributed Founder Tokens: 0